Since 1996, Suomen Muovituote has produced thousands of different injection moulded plastic parts and assembled products as a sub-contractor. The company is privately owned; the Major shareholder is Chairman Jarkko Eilola.

We have a broad base of customers, from small companies to global corporations. Currently, we produce more than 1000 different products for our customers.

Plastic injection moulding production and assembly plants are located in Teuva, Finland

We offer turnkey services, from customers' design ideas to manufacturing ready-made products. Our two production plants and logistics centre is located in western Finland, Teuva.

We mould different plastics

The raw material for the part is chosen according to the product requirements. Our raw material selection covers all common and most technical plastics. Recently we have added biobased plastics and composites to our choice to meet the needs for sustainability.

Machine range and technology for the moulded parts

Currently, we can produce plastic parts from 1 gram to 3700 grams. Our giant machine has a clamping force of 800 tn.

Additionally, we have injection moulding for the two-component parts to make a product from two different materials or colours. We also combine various plastics with metal. With two-component moulding, our customer can save manufacturing costs.

Our moulding machines have an automatic raw material drying and supply system. Manufacturing production is appropriately automated. We use robots and Taylor-made assembly machines for the high volume products for better quality and lower production costs.

Our production and supply model enables short delivery times.